Dayna Donsky

PsychSc (Hons), MPsychClin, MAPS

Dayna (she/her)

I am a Clinical Psychologist with experience working in private, educational and community health settings.

My training has given me the opportunity to work with adults, older adults, children, and families. I draw upon a mix of evidence-based and person-centred therapies including psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapies, emotion-focused, and trauma-informed approaches.  Integral to my work is drawing from empirically based theories of attachment to understand and support development.

I generally work with individuals experiencing chronic generalised anxiety and depression, post-traumatic stress, complex trauma, chronically low self-esteem, and those experiencing general dissatisfaction or interpersonal challenges within relationships.

More specifically, I have worked with individuals experiencing:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Complex trauma
  • Sleep disturbances/issues
  • Chronically low self-esteem
  • Interpersonal/relationship difficulties
  • Attachment based issues (between parent and child or partners)

What to expect in therapy with me:

In our sessions, I draw from an experiential model which means that our work together is generally an ongoing construction of your experience, a constant process and evolution rather than a narrow criterion of improvement. Our sessions are about developing an awareness of vulnerable parts of self and the ways you have protected them or the burdens they carry, with close observation of the way your body reacts. I recognise that the key organising factor in our sessions is your emotions and I support you to get to ‘the heart of the matter’.

The core of our work is about restoring emotional balance which looks like tolerating difficult emotions and making sense of them, as well as offering manageable challenges to promote growth. We use your emotional experience as a compass to help navigate not to pathologise or assign labels of dysfunction. I am sensitively attuned to my client’s internal world, and I work from a humanistic model – which means I’m present and personal, I am willing to be seen with my patients. I nurture our relationship in session, and I am consistently curious, using our relationship as a micro-level of your engagement style. Our sessions will generally start and end with deep meaning as opposed to a brief check-in or strategising approach.

The outcome from our work together is not practiced, it’s a natural experience that feels different, but you don’t need to practice it ‘you just feel it’ and it’s so powerful you generally never forget it. I wish for my patients to develop a grounded, positive and integrated sense of self from their work, drawing from resources already within them.  I generally work with my patients on a long-term, frequent basis – fortnightly or weekly – to facilitate meaningful change.

About you:

I generally find my work resonates with anxious individuals, who often find themselves preoccupied with how others are feeling and are hoping to re-connect back to themselves. I find that guilt is often a familiar feeling for my clients – which is generally in the context of their relationships. Our therapy space is all about you – I carefully create a space that allows you to reflect and see all of you instead of becoming preoccupied with others experiences. I find that my work connects well with individuals who have chronic issues – issues that have been present since a young age. I generally work with those who identify strongly with achievement-oriented issues or relational issues (e.g. people-pleasers). I enjoy helping individuals make sense of their chaotic and busy worlds and I help you piece together parts of you that you are aware of or unaware of. You may be unable to clearly articulate the issue drawing you into therapy, but most of my clients describe a general dissatisfaction in the context of their relationships, a tendency to become anxious about how others may perceive them (whether in the workplace, within romantic relationships or personal relationships) and just an overall sense of distance from others. I generally help you move through the stages of insight. The closeness of our relationship develops over time and its measured through truth and honesty with close observation of reactions and feelings that are bought to light in that process.

Please note: Online booking available only for existing clients. For new client bookings, please phone 07 3076 2238