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Our team of psychologists are highly experienced in working with adolescents across a range of presenting problems. With backgrounds in many different environments, such as working across high schools, public health and private practices, our team is highly skilled at supporting you as you navigate support for your adolescent

Helping adolescents through all stages of life

Whether your adolescent is anxious, grieving, acting out, self-conscious, or adjusting to change, we can provide a range of practical strategies to help them support positive change and growth. 

When we work with adolescents, we talk to them as young adults, rather than as older children. We like to provide information on why their brain is responding the way it is and why we may recommend a particular strategy.

Empowering young people through psychology

By age 12, young people are usually starting to seek information from sources other than their parents and are wanting to be seen as an individual with their own unique opinions. In our work with young people, we want to foster this stage of development, empower young people and include parents where it is going to be appropriate and helpful.

Frequently asked questions by parents

You may have some questions about what individual therapy for your adolescent looks like. We understand completely, and that’s why we have gathered together some of the most frequently asked questions we receive, to help alleviate any potential stress.

The purpose of the first session is to gain a good understanding of what has brought your young person to therapy. Your psychologist will explore relevant background information as well as all aspects of their current behaviour (for example, whether they have any difficulties with sleep, appetite, socialising, or communication). For many parents, they prefer to have some time one-on-one with the psychologist to discuss their observations and their concerns freely. If you are happy to share all your concerns and observations with your adolescent present, your psychologist will be happy to see you for the session together.

It is always helpful to meet both parents to gain key insights and observations. However, we understand that this may not always be possible. If a parent is not able to attend but wishes to provide information, we can either include a phone call to that parent during the first session or you can write out the information and have the other parent bring it to the appointment.

It is generally better if your psychologist can see you together, however, if this is too stressful please let us know. We understand that this may be a stressful situation and want to help wherever we can.

In most cases, we find that young people who are over the age of 12 prefer to attend the session alone. However, some adolescents find it helpful to have a parent present and therefore we usually leave this decision completely up to the adolescent. At the end of the session, we can still involve parents in a wrap-up discussion where the young person can choose to tell their parents about the session.

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