Individual Therapy

Psychologists dedicated to caring for you

At Room to Grow, our psychologists provide individual psychological therapy. This typically involves an initial assessment where your psychologist will be able to form a picture of the presenting concerns. To assist in this process, your psychologist will ask you a number of questions so as to understand what has brought you to therapy. They may also get you to complete some questionnaires designed to give them further information that helps with reaching your goals.

Crafting a treatment plan tailor-made for you

From there, your psychologist will be able to work out a treatment plan that is based on the most beneficial evidence-based treatments for presenting concerns. Our team works with a range of therapy modalities, and that’s why it’s helpful to choose the right psychologist for you. Along the way, your psychologist works with you in relation to your goals and tracks how things are progressing for you.

Caring for you in whatever way that looks like

If, after meeting with your psychologist, you don’t feel that it is the right fit for you, please feel free to let us know. We are aware that feeling comfortable with your psychologist is a key element in being able to engage fully in your therapy and simply want to see you receive the care you need.

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Our psychologists are ready to provide support that is centred around you. Take the first step in your journey with us and give us a call.